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Monday, April 25, 2011


How to join & who are eligible to join:

For a subscriber to qualify, he/she must be a mobile subscriber of Globe/TM and have registered to www.grabagold.com.

Once registered, user gets access to 5 Free games, available for a 3-day trial.

From Apr 8, 2011 to Apr 7, 2012, Globe and TM subscribers can subscribe to GRAB-A-GOLD Games Packs, play them online & earn Gold from playing. Users can choose among several games packs. Each games pack will have a total of 15 games.


How to register:

a. To register, user goes to GRAB-A-GOLD and fills up the information required under Register now for FREE! window. After filling up the Nickname and Mobile Number, user clicks on Register

b. User will be sent an SMS message to his registered mobile number.

SMS Reply from access number 8888:

Your Verification Code: 123ABC. To complete your Grab-a-Gold registration, please enter the Verification Code on the web. Visit GRAB-A-GOLD from any pc. 

a. User goes back to the Register now for FREE window in the website. Enters the Verification Code Word (that was sent to his mobile phone). Then enters a password of his choice under Preferred Password and Confirm Password. Upon filling up the above information, user clicks on Complete my Registration button.

b. Once registered, subscriber can start subscribing to any games pack/s in the website. Registration is a one-time process per SIM card and is free of charge. All information sent will be kept confidential and will be used solely for this promo.

How to subscribe to a Games Pack:

1. Click on the SHOP tab to browse the different games. You will see a featured game and all available games under the Games Packs.

2. Click on a particular game that you like to get more info (Ex. Rotate & Roll). You will also see the other games that belong to the same Games Pack

3. Click BUY NOW button to subscribe to your chosen game and all the other games under the same Games Pack (ex. Games Pack A). Prepaid subscribers will be charged P15/5-day access per game pack, Postpaid subscribers will be charged P79/30-day access per game pack.

SMS Reply from 8888

GRAB-A-GOLD: Congratulations! Uv subscribed to Games Pack <X>. Today is FREE! Ul be charged P<X> tomorrow. To opt out, reply STOP GAME <X>. Visit www.grabagold.com
User can now begin to play the games under the Games Pack he subscribed to.

4. First time subscribers to a specific games pack will enjoy FREE 3 SPINS. Repeat opt in and players who opt out then opt in again to the same games pack will no longer enjoy free spins.

5. Click on My Account link on the upper right corner of the website to check your billing history.

Billing FAQs = Assumption: Subscribed to one Games Pack only.

· Is it possible for me to be billed P30+ in one day? Not possible. The max you can be charged is P15.

· Is it possible for me to be billed P15 on consecutive days… P15 + P15? Not possible. The max you can be charged over a 5-day period is P15.

· I have been insufficient balance for 30 consecutive days. Does my debt accrue? Ex: P15 x 6 = P90 No. Unbilled cycles do not carry over; they are written off. The max you can be charged in one day and within a 5-day period is P15 (see above).

How to opt out from GRAB-A-GOLD:

1. To turn a Games Pack subscription off, the subscriber has two options:

a. Via SMS: Text STOP GAME <game pack #> to 8888. Ex. STOP GAME A. To turn off all GRAB-A-GOLD subscriptions for free, text STOP GAME ALL to 8888.

SYNTAX: STOP GAME <game pack#> or STOP GAME ALL to 8888

Cost: Free

SMS Reply from 8888:

GRAB-A-GOLD (Games Pack <#>): You’ve unsubscribed. You will no longer be charged. Your access will end on 11:59pm of <date>. Visit www.grabagold.com from any pc.

b. Via Web: Under the My Account tab, click the Unsubscribe link of the games pack you want to opt out from.

2. If an opt-out will result in the expiry of his GOLD, player is provided an alert.

SMS Reply from 8888:

GRAB-A-GOLD: You must maintain at least one Games Pack subscription to keep your <amount> GOLD. If you proceed with this opt out, your GOLD will expire on <date/time>. To proceed, reply with STOP GAME ALL for free.


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  4. i want to join but my number starts with 0936- im a tm subscriber. :(


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